Pocket Full of Soul

Posted on: Saturday, Mar 28, 2009

Thanks to Mike from The Cadillac Kings for tipping us off to the new documentary on the harmonica “Pocket Full of Soul”

The people’s instrument. The little ten-hole diatonic harmonica is an instrument that you can hide in your pocket and play on a mountain top, in a jail cell – or on a space shuttle. Originally used as a polka instrument in Germany, the harmonica quickly immigrated to the United States and inspired genius. It’s no toy. For proof, witness Little Walter Jacob, James Cotton, Jerry Murad and the Harmonicats, John Popper, Kim Wilson, and an amazing kid named Jason Ricci, and just about anybody who ever blew the house down with a “harp.” Narrated by Huey Lewis.

Looks like a decent documentary is on the horizon in the states. According to an email from Delta Groove Records they’re planning to screen it in Memphis in May as part of their 4th annual Delta Groove Review. It’s narrated by Huey Lewis (Mike’s better looking twin brother!)  There are many top bluesers in the list of contributors, so it should be good.


Make sure that you watch the trailer.

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