Review: Tas Cru Album Grizzle n’ Bone

Posted on: Friday, May 1, 2009

Grizzle n' Bone CD Cover (Medium)

Tas Cru is a singer/songwriter/guitarist from Quebec, Canada. In Quebecois, Tas Cru means ‘raw potato’, the moniker recognising his ‘raw-edged vocals and peeled-bare slide guitar’. Grizzle n’ Bone is Tas Cru’s third album and comprises thirteen tracks, twelve of which are original compositions. He is backed by Chip Lamson on keyboards, The Slow Happy Boys (Jeremy Walz on guitars, Chris Wroblewski on bass and Andy Hearn on drums) and The Stacked Deck Singers (Jenny Macri, Meaghan Manor and Montana Rodriguez). In addition, Gretchen Koehler plays fiddle on one of the tracks (“The Prophet Of Lynchburg”).

The album opens with the driving title track, complete with tinkling piano and gentle slide guitar. In complete contrast, “One Eyed Jack” is slow and bluesy and features B3 organ and the backing choir. “Woman Won’t You Love Me?” is a medium-paced shuffle, while “Tulsa Tornado” is rather more soulful and “Money Talks” is an upbeat rocker. Further variation is provided by “Come To Testify”, an a capella gospel number, which is followed by the mellow and jazzy “All Good”.

“Can’t Get Over Blues” is another shuffle, while “Let’s Just Pretend” is a plaintive, acoustic ballad that leads into “Brand New Shoes”, which possesses shades of Little Willie John and JJ Cale. “Make My Woman Cry” is slow and reflective in complete contrast to “Prophet of Lynchburg” with its fiddle-enhanced bluegrass aura. The album is concluded with a very different, slow-paced version of the Jackie Wilson classic, “Higher And Higher”.

This is a very enjoyable, nicely varied album, which gives every indication that Tas Cru is a highy accomplished and entertaining blues performer.

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