Gig: John Cleary – Bluefunk, Poynton – 27 May 2009

Posted on: Monday, May 18, 2009


Jon Cleary

Bluefunk Rhythm and Blues Club @ the WMC, Park Lane, Poynton May 27th.

The tantalising prospect of Jon Cleary, one of the finest New Orleans style pianists on the planet in one of his legendary solo performances. Best known for his long association with Bonny Raitt, Jon is also a much admired songwriter of quality, having written for Bonny, Taj Mahal and many others. This will be another night to remember from Jon.

One of only 7 dates on a brief  (and rare) solo UK tour.

In a tiny venue The Willows suite at the WMC the tickets are at a premium. Don’t think about this one too long. Tickets £12adv.
Phone 07818884324.


May 31st, 2009 at 09:32
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The man certainly delivered, and more. His sheer creativity was a delight – arpeggios, trills, rolling bass, liberties with timing, cuts from other pieces – all underpinned by his undoubted knowledge of the music, which he has clearly “lived”, and an unwavering beat. And that voice. Without his band Jon’s individual talent and range shone even more brightly – is there anyone out there who comes close?
Thanks Garry for another brilliant night of inspiring music.



May 31st, 2009 at 13:14
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Yeah – I heard from Garry that the turnout was less than ideal. Unbelievable really! Another happy customer said…..

“Thank-you so much for putting that show on. I am a piano player myself but I brought my 2 friends with me just to see for themselves what I keep on going on about. Frankly we were all completely blown away. When this man is referred to by Bonnie Raitt as the “9th wonder of the world” I now believe that is said without a hint of hype or exaggeration! (The 8th wonder of the world was apparently Thelonius Monk).
As my Mother has organised the Leeds International Piano Competition I have seen the best classical pianists in the World in practice and performance and they achieve technical perfection and all bring something special to the music they play. I have never, however, heard anybody ever play this kind of music with such a stupendously funky rhythmic feel and spectacularly beautiful harmony, an entirely unique touch but with New Orleans and traditional blues deeply and inseperably ingrained in it. I am completely stunned and thanks again for bringing this Kent genius with the soul of New Orleans to your club.
It is a complete tragedy that most people are ignorant of this kind of music as I could not imagine anybody would not be uplifted by it. The rhythms and harmonies all push the good time pleasure buttons, you deserved to have had a sell out that’s all I can say.”