Gig: The Boozie Woozie Band – BJ’s at the Hop Pocket, Chorley – 25 June 2009

Posted on: Wednesday, Jun 24, 2009

Thursday 25th June –  at BJ’s  Blues Club – TOMORROW

the Hop Pocket, Carr lane, Chorley

The Boozie Woozie Band

And now for something completely different!

The Boozie Woozies are a ‘splinter band’ from The Winchesters fronted by the irrepressible Andy Stones on Keyboards. The name of this band really gives you more than just a clue, yes it’s fun & musical frolics all the way. The big question is what really is holding the Yellin’ Yettis “15 Quid Drum Kit” together?

Five Star Entertainment!

Sorry no web site for these guys…..they are so far ‘off the radar’.

The Boozie Woozies line up as follows:-

PAUL KISTER – Lead guitar/Vocals

HORACE DOGSON – Bass Guitar/Vocals

ANDY STONES – Keyboards/Lead Vocals

YELLIN’ YETTI – “15 Quid Drum Kit”

9.30 Its Free!!

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