Tony McPhee not well

Posted on: Wednesday, Jun 24, 2009

Press release from his agency….

Sorry to have to let you know that Tony McPhee has had a stroke. He is doing well in recovery, but has lost the ability to speak…. We are working on this and he is already starting to show some improvement. It is typical that he waited until Dave Anderson was really well after his heart attacks!

Unfortunately we are having to pull out of some gigs planned namely Cardiff, Globe this Thursday (please check with venue, that this might still be going ahead with STRAY) and the festivals in Spain & France (no tan this year then). After that we will have to see how the recovery is progressing. The new album will also have to be a bit on hold as well, but the decisions on that will have to wait till we see how quickly he is recovering.

At the moment we are hoping that he will be well enough to tour in the autumn, I will keep you up to date with that nearer the time.

Tony is able to pick up emails from his iphone, (although we seem to be having problems replying) but feel free to send messages through this email address.

Joanna Deacon

Thanks to Paul Farmer for the news.

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