Gig: Ricky Cool and the Hoola Boola Boys – Buckley Academy – 24 Jul 2009

Posted on: Monday, Jul 13, 2009

Ricky Cool and the Hoola Boola Boys

Buckley Academy

24 Jul 2009

Ricky has long been known as one of the best frontmen in the business, from his days as a displaced American who wound up in Oldhill and teamed up with a bunch of Brummies to form Ricky Cool and The Icebergs. Radio and T.V. appearances made Ricky a household name and records soon followed, particularly with his next line up, Ricky Cool and The Rialtos.

This led to a link up with the legendary Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) in his first Honeydrippers line up and a long lasting collaboration with Andy Silvester (Chicken Shack/Savoy Brown) which culminated in the formation of what became the UK’s top Rhythm and Blues Band, The Big Town Playboys and the unveiling of crazy man Mike Sanchez on an unsuspecting public.

Ricky is known for presenting the best in Rhythm ‘n’ Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll and with The Hoola Boola Boys you get this in spades. The Hoola Boola Boys all started quite oddly. Promoter and musician Martin Pryce was asked to provide the music for a huge 40th birthday party, November 1990. Mike Sanchez was available and Martin put together a formidable line up to back him. The band members were literally introduced to each other on stage. “What are we gonna play?” said Mike. “I’m Ready – Fats Domino,” replied Martin. “It’s in F,” shouts Mike, “1-2-3.” It was fantastic. The band was great. Quite remarkable.

The following year, Mike played about 100 shows with The Hoola Boola Boys including a major charity show, backing Robert Plant, at the famous J B’s club in Dudley. The Hoola Boola Boys have continued to back some of the best names on the R ‘n’ B circuit and now, together with Ricky Cool, they provide the very best in Rock ‘n’ Roll and Rhythm ‘n’ Blues entertainment. So go on! Let the Hoola Boola re-ignite your smile.

Doors 8pm.  £10.

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