Gig: Andy Fairweather Low – Southport – 04 Sep 2009

Posted on: Monday, Aug 31, 2009

Andy Fairweather Low

Andy Fairweather Low – Southport Arts Centre

Fri 04 September 2009

Here’s a top gig for later this week.  Andy Fairweather Low is an under recognised and under appreciated name on the blues scene.  I was talking to Grahame this afternoon and Grahame was telling me that the gig Grahame attended last year was stunning.  Fairweather Low has a great band, is a great singer and an outstanding guitarist with a complete mastery of many styles.

You don’t get to play in Clapton’s band for years without being really really good.

If you’re interested, please call the box office on 01704 540011 to book your tickets.

Flickr photo by Paul Webster.



August 31st, 2009 at 10:02
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Andy if you’re out there . . . 15% will do!!