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Posted on: Tuesday, Oct 6, 2009

Chris Denton reports…..

Geoff Achison and the UK Souldiggers  –  October 10th

Geoff was featured at the end of the Paul Jones Show on Monday. He’s a cracking artist and is on tour in the UK from Australia via the USA . Tickets are selling well because he is a great guitarist on both acoustic and electric and he has a cracking band – Sam Kelly on drums, Spy on bass and Paul Jobson on keyboards. His voice is something else… (bluesy / soul with a lot of raw emotional input) and sits well on the top of his Gibson driven blues licks.

He has sold out at two venues already. Tickets are £10 in advance and £12 on the door.

The Hoax (Co promotion)

Need I say anymore. The blues band of the nineties playing in the Brickyard on December 28th prior to a tour in Holland. They are all there – Robin and Jesse Davey, Jon Amor, Mark Barrett and Hugh Coltman.

Upcoming gigs

November 7th – Paul Rose

November 28th – King King

Jan 23rd 2010 – Jon Amor

Feb 27th – Marcus Malone

March 27th – The Producers

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