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Posted on: Thursday, Oct 29, 2009

Here’s the first in a short series of films taken by Pete Evans of the various musical events during our recent trip to the deep south of the USA.

First up is the best one.  The stunning performance by Michael Burks at the pro-jam session at Hopson Plantation for Pinetop’s homecoming.



Pete Evans

October 30th, 2009 at 00:06
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As Ken says – this was the best. Though the film perhaps doesn’t fully convey the excitement, believe me, the atmosphere was fantastic. Backing him on drums and violin were the amazingly talented young Hiser brothers. I forget who was on piano but the languid looking bass player was a lovely bloke I met in the gents (as one does!) – he was a Harley biker from California who thought he’d died and gone to heaven after having had the chance to jam with Michael Burks.

Actually our prominent position at the front was a real bonus as immediately after this number, Needy Ken “Shrill” Peace was asked to come on stage but was busily downing a beer outside. I ran for him and shouted to him to get on quick (If you don’t respond immediately then the next person is called and your turn has gone).

Also at that precise moment, well known American harp player Deke Harp thought he’d muscle his way on stage as well. That’s when the Welsh boys put to good usage their rugby training and formed a perfectly bound front row immediately in front of the aforesaid Mr Deke. Just like the English front row at Cardiff last February, he came second best, and honorary Welsh man (he’ll never forgive me for calling him that!) Needy Ken made the stage just in time and proceded to show why British blues players are just as good as their American friends.

In the middle od Needy’s two numbers, I turned to see Mr Deke nodding approvingly at Needy’s playing – ah – the brotherhood of harp players!!



October 30th, 2009 at 14:01
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….I will always be grateful for those locked arms. Deke never had a chance. I’d not try to go against you.

There is a short YouTube of yours truly onstage. Again thanks to Pete for the mercifully short capture.

Maan those guitars are loud.