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Posted on: Sunday, Nov 15, 2009

Recently, I received this in the mail from Dave Withington from the Northwest band Small Town Tunes.  I’m sure that he won’t mind me publishing an edited version….

Last year I found your site and noticed a festival you advertised, the Colwyn Bay Blues Festival.  I e-mailed Barry the promoter and asked if we could play.  Trying to play at festivals is difficult to achieve, but Barry gave us a chance, we played an hour’s set of our own original songs and it went so well we were asked if we’d play next year and the pub we gigged in asked us to do a private gig for them.

So thanks for a great site that did us the world of good.  This was all as a result of  looking at

Since then we’ve played other festivals, done a 1 hour live broadcast acoustic set for Chorley FM and we have also recorded an album, which you can listen to at..

We’ve only been a band for a year.

It goes to show it’s worth sticking to your guns when trying to get somewhere and websites do work. But if not, keep going!



November 15th, 2009 at 12:39
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That’s brilliant, and nice to know that all your hard graft is appreciated!