YouTube: Walter Wolfman Washington

Posted on: Saturday, Nov 28, 2009

This is not a YouTube clip but a 45 min concert clip on Vimeo.  Follow the link for the full size.

Walter Wolfman Washington Heats The Hague 1988 from Maarten Toner on Vimeo.

Back in 1988 the North Sea Jazz festival organized a club tour the week before the festival started. One of the big acts was Walter Wolfman Washington. Supercool nice guy with his great band played at de Zwarte Ruiter ( the Black Horseman)

First time I was this “upclose and personal” with a band, in the middle of the bumping grinding, jumping and signing audience feeling the music. The place was small, the stage was even smaller, packed with people, sweat and drinks it was a night to never forgot.

Coming from Classical, punk and heavy metal, this music was something else and I loved it. A friend of mine at the time, Ramon Castalan (from L.A.) loved jazz and showed me this world.

In this place it was not about the video, it was all about the music and the musicians and their instrument.

Shot with a Sony M3a on a Miller tripod, recorded on U-matic. The 6800 portable if I’m not mistaken. The H264 was to big so made a smaller WMV. This is not for people looking for exciting footage edited by someone with ADD, this is all about the music baby! 🙂 This is the raw recordings, no editing just straight to vimeo from 20 year old U-matic tapes.

I think the sound was by Frits Erkens and he used just a XY setup but can’t remember. Just remember the drum solo and hanging out with the band… groovy times.

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