Gig: Cadillac Kings December dates

Posted on: Wednesday, Dec 2, 2009

Cadillac Kings  - The Ent shed

One of Britain’s best bands have two dates in the region in December.

The Cadillac Kings will bring their blend of blues, swing and RnB to the following venues.

Fri Dec 11th: Warrington R&B Club
Sat Dec 12th: Worthenbury Village Hall, nr Wrexham

The band are in stunning form at the moment and are really not to be missed.

Flickr photo my Maxine Ford.



December 13th, 2009 at 09:33
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I don’t think that we’ll be doing a full review of this gig as we have reviewed the “Caddies” a few times already this year, so I have decided to say a few words here; as usual for the Cadillac Kings these will be words of praise and astonishment.

The performance last night was everything that we have come to expect from one of the headline bands of the UK. Brilliant songs, brilliant playing and fabulous entertainment from the whole band.

Mike Thomas (vocals, songwriter and 2nd guitar) and Gary Potts (vocals and harmonica) have built a formidable group in the latest incarnation of the Cadillac Kings – the best line-up ever without any doubt. In Mal Barclay (guitar and vocals) and Henri Herbert (piano) the Cadillacs have two of the very best instrumentalists of the genre. Mal’s guitar is perfectly toned – vintage, fat and warm and his playing is his own blend of T-Bone, Junior Watson and other hollow body legends. Henri is simply the best pianist that I have seen, in this intimate venue I was lucky enough to be able to see his fingers fly on the boogies and tickle on the slower numbers.

Uncle Roy Webber (drums and vocal) and Paul Cuff (bass) are the best in the business; solid and bouncing all night. Roy feels the groove perfectly and one cannot help but to tap one’s feet (apologies to Gary for the bouncing video footage – I couldn’t keep still).

So another killer show from one of my favourite British bands ever. In the words of Pete Evans, co-promoter “we have seen some fabulous bands over in the US and most of them would struggle to keep up with our home grown talent in the Cadillac Kings”

Well done lads. Happy new year for 2010 and the best of luck for your future growth and success.



December 13th, 2009 at 09:36
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Pete Evans

December 13th, 2009 at 10:39
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What a night … certainly one of the best we have had at Worthenbury. The lads were on fire, so relaxed and as good as I’ve ever seen them. With the addition of Mal and Henri they have taken the band to a new level and with the cameo performance of seasoned old American bluesman Shrill Needy, the night was rounded off perfectly.



December 13th, 2009 at 12:07
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Not sure who this fellow is though, he looks like a cleaner cut version of Ian…..




December 13th, 2009 at 15:50
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Can only concur with Pete and Ken . . . another quite memorable evening, from my ‘band of the year’ hands down! To see them in such a great, small venue was awesome . . . sitting in the front row and just taking it all in, from Henri’s fantastic work on the 88s’, Mal’s glorious guitar work on the hollow-bodied Gibson, Mike’s always wry lyrics, Pottsy’s harmonica and vocals, and the best in the biz rhythm section of Paul Cuff and Uncle Roy. We have reviewed the band a lot, but catching them for the fourth time this year I have to say they are now simply the best in these shores, probably Europe and as good as many ‘over the pond’. Just a great night, thanks to Pete, Paul and Ian as ever . . . even a non-blues fan like my wife Jacqui thoroughly enjoyed it. Oh, and Ken nearly won the draw, but for a controversial duplicated ticket . . . ho, ho . . . here’s what you would have won!