Who sampled blues

Posted on: Sunday, Dec 6, 2009

I just discovered an excellent site that allows users to upload details of songs that have been samples by other artists.  Clearly all my faves are there – check out any by Isaac Hayes for example.

As well as a lot of well known ones there are 100s of new ones to me.  Being a lover of blues, jazz, funk and soul along with more dance oriented modern genres and hip hop it was pretty obvious that I was going so search out some of the blues legends that have been sampled by other artists.  Here are a few that I found..

Here’s Robert Johnson sampled – http://bit.ly/6U1hol

BB King – http://bit.ly/6oWDwJ

and here’s some great use of Albert King – http://bit.ly/4UOY1a

I was amazed to see that a Fatboy Slim classic used one of my personal fave breaks from Jack McDuff – http://bit.ly/8G60U1

and another big beat classic from Chemical Brothers using another Hammond guy Jimmy McGriff – http://bit.ly/7UwZFi

Browse for your own favourites and post as comments.


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