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Posted on: Friday, Jan 1, 2010

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I’m preparing this post on 19 Dec 2009 so the final week of 2009 is not included in these statistics.

Number of visitors in 2009 – 54000

70% of the visitors only visit the one time – they either do or don’t find the information that they are looking for but either way they never come back.

This leaves us with 17,000 visitors who have visited the site more than one time.

Some of the 17,000 are very frequent users of the site, in fact 3,600 people visit twice a week or more.

Our biggest number of visitors was on Thu 26 Feb, when 434 people visited, this is many more than usual.  This is probably down to a news item that days that tied up with my site but I never worked out what it was.

Normally 200 to 300 visit the site directly each day.

In addition 50 people view the site via the RSS feed provided.  I can’t tell how often these users read the RSS feeds but they are subscribers so they must check in every now and again.  Realistically, some of the RSS people will also visit the site directly but again as an amateur webmaster I can’t tell how many.

The site costs a couple of hundred pounds a year to operate.  As long as I have a day job, I have no intentions of trying to make any of this money back through the site, however should you see me around and about then please feel free to buy me a pint.

The main investment is time.  I spend upwards of five hours a week (often more) keeping things ticking along, safely with no spam, a gig guide and a post or two each day.  That time is not counting the contribution made by the other people here at, mainly Grahame Rhodes who has bravely taken the main responsibility for writing reviews.

That’s my summary of the stats for 2009.  Right now, I can feel a lovely bottle of Rioja coming along so that’s muchas gracias, adios y hasta luego.



January 1st, 2010 at 11:17
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Impressive figures at over 1,000 visitors a week! Blues In The North West goes from strength to strength . . . massive thanks to Ken for his funding, and time and effort . . . I am pleased to play a small part! On the reviewing side, Pete Evans has kindly offered to help out and a jiffy bag will be winging it’s way to the North Wales countryside tomorrow (Worthenbury is in Wales you know, lol, as some don’t!!). Here’s wishing everyone out there a great 2010, I’m sure we have some great gigs and festivals to look forward to and fine recorded material.