Review: Craig Hughes – Pissed Off, Bitter And Willing To Share

Posted on: Monday, Jan 11, 2010



“Pissed Off, Bitter And Willing To Share”

(Channel Nowhere: CNA1)

Treading similar territory to Dave Arcari, fellow Glaswegian Craig Hughes is an alt. blues and roots musician and writer, who mainly just armed with his acoustic slide guitar playing gives us 12 of his own songs – mainly about the dark side of life, but delivered in an stomping, upbeat manner.

“Pissed Off, Bitter And Willing To Share” is his first full-length release, following on from his “Broke, Lonely And Guilty” EP. Co-producer Tommy Duffin gives some cuts a full band sound with his drums and bass, including the rocking and grungy “You Don’t Care At All” – Hughes on electric slide here and his growl of a voice.

“Everybody’s Fault But Mine” borrows, not surprisingly by the title, from the blues standard “Nobody’s Fault But Mine”, with suitable black humour in his lyrics. The haunting tale of lost love, “Three Hundred And Sixty Five” is an album highlight, a pretty song again dominated by his acoustic slide work.

“Dancing On Your Grave” blasts off with a salvo of electric guitar, before reverting to some nice fingerpicked acoustic, giving it a nice folky feel. “Cuban Necktie” – named after a notorious method of gangland execution – has an uptempo Texas Blues feel on this, the album’s only instrumental.

Elsewhere “The TR7s Have All Gone To Heaven” will raise a smile, while “Sighed Smoke Halo” is probably the album’s hardest song to categorise – slightly folky, with a bit of psychedlia thrown in for good measure. “Tell Me, I’m Wonderful” is a full-tilt acoustic slide tune about the things he wants to hear from his lady! The closing “Well Well Well, My My My” rides on another electric guitar riff – think something like Jesus & The Mary Chain meets ZZ Top and you’re there!

Not one for the blues purists, but Craig Hughes angry, dark take on life will appeal to those who have open ears – I found his mix of styles quite appealing, and as previously mentioned definitely in Dave Arcari’s “punk blues” area, and well worth checking out.


Craig Hughes

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