RIP Lil Dave Thompson

Posted on: Monday, Feb 15, 2010

This from his agent.

It is with great sadness that I am sending this email to you all today. Lil’ Dave Thompson was killed in a car accident early this morning, Sunday, February 14, 2010. He was travelling home after playing the Blues Bash at Fiery Ron’s in Charleston, SC on his final day of a very succesful tour. The band was driving toward Greenville, MS when the van struck a hole in the road, veered into gravel and lost control. Lil’ Dave will be greatly missed by me personally. It has been an honor and blessing to represent such a genuine talent and wonderful person.

Lil’ Dave is survived by Susan White, his wife of 15 years; his children: David Jr. (20), Danielle (19), Shequeena (18), Shirleiah (16) and Destiny (13); sisters Patricia, Barbara Denise, Jennifer and Pasty Thompson, Zenovia Henderson and Rose Marie Richmond; and brothers John, Sam, Elijah Allen and Tyrone Thompson.

This is the bio from his MySpace page.  His own website is down.

David Lonzo Thompson was born in Hinds County, Mississippi May 21, 1969. Lil Dave’s exposure to music came early and has always been a way of life. His father, the late Sam Thompson played with Willie Foster, Asie Payton, Paul Wine Jones, Eddie Cusic, James Son Thomas and others. Lil Dave’s list of influences reads like an anthology of the blues. His family was burned out in legendary Moorhead, MS (Where the Yellow Dog Crosses the Southern) and moved to B.B. Kings hometown of Indianola, MS. But it was in Leland, MS, (Hellhole of the Delta) and home of James “Son” Thomas and other blues legends that Dave, at the age of 14, formed his first band. He, along with drummer, Dell Cusic and bass player, Allen Hite called themselves The Delta Blues Band. As a teenager, Dave played with various blues, Rand B, Reggae, and gospel bands in the delta area until he met and toured with the late Booba Barnes in 1990. So at the age of majority, 21, Lil Dave’s life, music and experiences away from the delta began A third or fourth generation Mississippi delta blues guitarist and vocalist, Thompson has come full circle with the blues. He has lived it, learned it and now seems to appreciate the rich legacy and his responsibility to the blues, this region and his fellow blues artists, past, present and future.


Pete Evans

February 15th, 2010 at 07:48
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Abslutely devastated to hear this news. I was working to bring Dave over possibly later this year. I spoke to him at length at The King Biscuit Festival last October and he often rang me for a chat. Those of you who were at The Dragon Blues Festival in Wrexham in 2005 will remember the superb set he delivered.
He was a superb guitarist and was one of the true blues men who didn’t vere towards the rocky side and would have carried the blues forward into the next decade.
A very great loss indeed.



February 15th, 2010 at 21:56
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Very sad news as Pete says. He did indeed play a very fine set at, I think, the last Dragon Blues Festival, held at NEWI. His JSP album, “C’mon Down To The Delta” (JSPCD3701)is well worth checking out. RIP Lil’ Dave.


Pete Evans

February 15th, 2010 at 22:27
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Thanks Gra – that’s right, a cracking album as were his later ones. I mistakenly said 2005 when it was 2004 that he appeared at the last Dragon Blues Festival.