Review: New Orleans Jazz Festival Day 2

Posted on: Saturday, May 1, 2010

The big news  when I checked in at the Press tent was that Aretha Franklin had cancelled her appearance, at, it has to be said, extremely short notice. Rumours abound as to the reason, however, mindful of litigation I shall not repeat them here!!! Much credit must go to the Festival organisers who managed to book Earth, Wind and Fire as replacement headliners, and to the band members who put on a stunning show only an hour after they arrived!

Three highlight Blues performances today – John Mooney and Bluesiana, New Orleans Social Club, and Derek Trucks/Susan Tedeschi Band.

John Mooney, a disciple of the great Son House, plays slide guitar tinged with some New Orleans influences, and backed by beautiful conga playing;  very much a style of his own, and stunning to listen to.

The New Orleans Social Club is a New Orleans “Supergroup” formed in the wake of Katrina.  Lead by organist/vocalist Ivan Neville, the band also features George Porter Jnr on bass, Leo Nocentelli on guitar, and Raymond Weber on drums. They were joined on stage by local keyboard player Henry Butler, and together gave us a great set of New Orleans Funk Blues that had the huge crowd on its feet throughout.

Talking of huge crowds, I overheard people on the streetcar on the way back into town complaining that they couldn’t even get close enough to see the giant screens at the blues stage for the Trucks/Tedeschi show. From my position in the photo pit it certainly seemed like everyone on the site was converging on this stage – and boy did they get a show! While Trucks spent most of the performance perched on a bar stool, slightly back from front of stage, playing wonderfully controlled slide, Tedeschi had no such inhibitions – she played, sang and danced around the stage, and was clearly having a whale of a time!  They had with them a new band, but it didn’t show: they were as tight as the proverbial duck’s………

So, looking forward to day 3, with Kenny Wayne Shepherd headling on Blues Stage, and a certain Jeff Beck also playing on one of the others!

Ian Williams



May 1st, 2010 at 16:24
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I heard that Aretha does pride herself on being a diva.

I like the sound of the New Orleans Social Club – I’ll be checking out YouTubes in a mo. YouTube – just as good as being there in my opinion.

I heard that the weather is not that good, you staying dry?


Ian Williams

May 2nd, 2010 at 04:15
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Hope the You Tube does them justice – be interested to hear what you think, Ken. Weather Ok at present with no rain so far, but some predicted for tomorrow. Memphis area of Tenessee getting it bad, with the Germantown district where Doug Mc.Minn and family live subject to a tornado warning!


Pete Evans

May 2nd, 2010 at 08:56
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When Paul Taylor and I stayed with Doug in 2006 we went to see Reba Russell at a bar near Germantown when a tornado came through about 1 mile away – scary. Then a week later we were driving from Greenwood to Greenville when a tornado alert came up on the radio saying one was heading straight for us. A quick about turn and we headed back to Greenwood and sheltered for 5 hours in Steve’s Bar-B-Q joint. Got great video of the twister heading straight for Greenwood then at the last minute it veered away north of the town. How these idiots get a kick from tornado watching amazes me – we were shit scared I don’t mind admitting as we don’t get many tonadoes in Worthenbury.