Gig: Michael Burks – UK Tour 2010

Posted on: Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This is great news for British blues fans.  One of the top names of the international blues scene “Iron Man” Michael Burks has finally lined up a UK tour.  Even better for us north wales/north westers – one (or maybe two) of the dates will be in the region.

  • 12 Nov – Overton on Dee Village Hall – North Wales

Those of us in the south of the region will remember that awesome night last year when Mud Morganfield played the Overton Village Hall hosted by the Worthenbury Blues and Roots club.  It’s a tremendous venue and I am expecting an equally stunning night with Michael Burks on the stage with his full American band.

More details to follow but for now, just add this dates to your diary to prepare for some dynamite tough rocking blues.

Here is the press release….


After weeks of negotiations and discussions…will he – won’t he – at last we can confirm the news that the star of the last Three King Biscuit Festivals in Helena Arkansas, and arguably the hottest guitarist on the American blues scene at the moment Michael Burks aka The Iron Man, will be making his first ever appearance in the UK at Goin’ Up The Country Blues Club at their larger venue at Overton-on-Dee Village Hall, near Wrexham on Friday November 12th.

The bluesinthenorthwest team have tirelessly raved over Burks and it was after Pete Evans had a chat with Mike Hellier of Movin’ Music, the UK’s top blues agency that the wheels were put into motion to arrange what is believed to be one of only three gigs and a Paul Jones show.

This really is a major scoop for the region and is another first for the Wrexham boys following on in the footsteps of Mud Morganfield, Jimmy Burns, James Wheeler, Otis Taylor, Fruteland Jackson, Lisa Mills and Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne amongst others who have made their first appearance either in the UK or the region at Wrexham.

Tickets for this gig will be made available in late September just before the bluesinthenorthwest team head out to Helena again where once again The Iron Man will be appearing.

There are loads of great YouTubes out there…. here’s just one example.


Pete Evans

May 12th, 2010 at 20:13
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Michael Burks will be playing the Carlisle Blues Festival the day after as headliner and I’ve been asked to drive him and the band up there and stay at the festival for the day and night – life can be hard sometimes!!



May 12th, 2010 at 22:12
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I guess that you’ll have had enough Iron Man after that and will be sacrificing your Mississippi/Arkansas tickets as no longer needed?

I’m sure that Gram will take them off your hands.

Let’s face it – you have seen his Sunday spot at Hopson on that intimate stage enough times.

Nope – thought not!