Review: Martin Harley Band – Worthenbury – 16 Jul 2010

Posted on: Saturday, Jul 17, 2010

Due to illness, chief reviews editor Señor Rhodes was unable to make the gig, then on top of this, I raced out minus trusty Canon s90.  So the chances of a well written review accompanied by a classy picture are zero (until Pete and Ian do their stuff that is).

So I will just say that the Martin Harley Band were tremendous tonight, keeping the crowd thoroughly entertained with a cosmopolitan mixture of blues, old time, country, rockabilly, rock’n’roll and ballads (did I miss any genres covered?).

Harley himself has a beautiful voice and plays his array of traditional and lap guitars with consummate skill with fingers or slide.  Harley is complemented by the brilliant band of Pete Swatton (Drums, balalaika and backing vocals) and Jay Carter (Double bass, guitar and backing vocals).

The majority of the songs were written by Harley himself and this self-penned set was interspersed with a small handful of crafted interpretations of songs by Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson and Jimi Hendrix amongst others.  We were even treated to a busked arrangement, completely acoustic, with the band standing in the middle of the floor, all playing stringed instruments and delivering flawless three part harmonies.  Class indeed.

I predict a rapid return.  These guys will go far.  See them in a club while you still can.

The Worthenbury club has now finished for the summer break.  Watch out for some killer shows for autumn and winter…. coming up……

  • Michael Burks
  • Rev Payton’s Big Damn Band
  • Ben Prestage with Ian Siegal
  • … and much, much more.



July 17th, 2010 at 10:21
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Sounds great!! Not really ill, just feeling a bit sh*tty, and still pi**ed off about the T-Birds the night before. Cracking line-up taking shape for the autumn/winter, well done guys!



July 18th, 2010 at 20:41
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An outstanding evening, the only downside being they ran out of real ale. Great band and an intimate venue.


Pete Evans

July 19th, 2010 at 08:05
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Thanks Wolfmanmac – it was in our opinion one of the best nights we have had at Worthenbury.
Sorry about the beer dilemma. We order the beer on the back of tickets pre-purchased or ordered, this being the main reason we ask for an idea of bookings.
As it was the 1st weekend of the school holidays and many regulars were thus going away, we ordered a smaller barrel. As often happens, more people turned up on the night than anticipated so unfortunately the beer sold out.
The village hall committee hate having to pour unsold real ale down the drain which unfortunately has happened in the past.