Review: Bare Bones Boogie Band

Posted on: Friday, Jul 23, 2010

(self-titled – BBBBCD1)

Released at the turn of this year, comes the debut from the rocking Southern-based Bare Bones Boogie Band – a four-piece comprising of Helen Turner (vocals), Iain Black (guitar), Trev Turley (bass) and Andy Jones (drums). The band deal in a hybrid of classic British rock with blues influences, with Black penning six of the ten songs here, with four choice covers.

Helen Turner’s vocals can be raunchy one moment, then sultry the next, with Iain Black’s guitar work the other main feature of the band. His opening “Baby, Baby Be Mine” is a soulful rocker, with a definite Humble Pie influence; the following “Black Cat Strikes Back” is most appealing with Turner’s smoky vocal and some nice guitar work and some jazzy touches. The self-explanatory “Full Tilt Boogie Man” does just that, a rousing rocker, before a nice cover of Janis Joplin’s “One Good Man”, another influence on the band, particularly vocalist Turner, and delivered here with a nice rolling feel.

“Sister Sunshine” is a mid-tempo rocker with a nagging riff from Iain Black, and the band do justice to the classic “I’d Rather Go Blind” . . . a simply beautiful song, with again some nice guitar work. The driving Rolling Stones song, “Live With Me” is a standout, with Helen Turner’s vocal here recalling the great Maggie Bell, one of our finest ever female vocalists.

“Simple Suggestion” has a country feel to it, reminiscent of Exile-era Rolling Stones, with sweet guitar and another nice vocal; the penultimate track “Throw Me A Line” is another Iain Black song with another catchy riff and rocks along nicely, with the album closing with the rousing Vinegar Joe tune, penned by Pete Gage, “Early Monday Morning” . . . and with no disrespect to the self-penned material, my favourite here.

I would imagine the band are best seen in a live environment, but in vocalist Helen Turner and guitarist Iain Black they have a fine ‘front line’, with the unfussy and solid rhythm section of Trev Turley and Andy Jones in the engine room driving things along . . . . a nice debut offering, and good to see a high quote of original songs.


The band have some dates in the region at the Colne Festival – see below

28 Aug 2010 – 14:00 – Great British Blues Festival – Colne & Nelson Rugby Club
29 Aug 2010 – 19:30 – Great British Blues Festival – The Crown Hotel

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