Review: Granada Blues Band feat. Otis Grand – The Grand Sessions

Posted on: Monday, Oct 25, 2010

“The Grand Sessions”
Riff Producciones

Spain’s oldest blues band (founded 1989) teams up with cosmopolitan – but long-time UK-based – guitarist Otis Grand and the result is a fine CD that reflects several of the best aspects of the contemporary sound. Otis has been at the forefront of many of the innovations that have resulted in the blues being more popular than ever these days – though conversely he also has a purist outlook that is becoming rarer by the day – and for this release he produces, arranges, contributes incisive and instantly recognisable solos to five of the dozen tracks, and he supplies three of his own numbers.

The approach is relatively traditional, but none the less effective for that; standards are given original and imaginative treatments, the sound is beefed up with some fine horns, vocals may be accented but are perfectly acceptable, and numbers are kept focussed and to the point – and this is, thankfully, blues all the way.

There may be nothing too ground-breaking, but this is an album that will satisfy many blues lovers.

Norman Darwen

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