Review: The Idle Hands supporting Aynsley Lister – Boardwalk, Sheffield – 12 Nov 2010

Posted on: Monday, Nov 29, 2010

Idle Hands_Dave Robinson_Boardwalk

The Idle Hands supporting Aynsley Lister
The Boardwalk
12th November 2010

For anyone that thinks Blues-Rock is all the same sound they ought to have been here tonight. Most of the   large crowd were here to see the guy with the boy band looks, Aynsley Lister, but there was a bit of a following for the support band too.

The Idle Hands Blues Band would probably not normally get much of a mention, but the Chesterfield lads must have had Lister wondering how such a solid outfit were just support for the night! However, their gritty and more raw style complimented what was to come and highlighted that Blues Rock comes in various guises. The Idle Hands are a four-piece; drums, bass, guitar and vocalist playing original material and are working hard to raise themselves out of the local band scene and onto the bigger stages – they made a big impression and have to be seen! Once Aynsley Lister took to the stage the audience were well and truly warmed up.

The Aynsley Lister Band had a fresh feel with Tim Brown on drums, Dan Healey on keyboards and the ever-smiling Portuguese Midus Guerreiro on bass. She brought a bit of glamour to the proceedings even if Aynsley has the boy band look and a silkier blues rock voice.

This was a fine performance from a guy that can punch his weight and thanks to Healey was not afraid of presenting the encore of Hush in a different way. It’s not often you will hear Stevie Wonder’s Superstition stuck in the middle section of the Deep Purple classic. Early Morning Dew and Hurricane stood out from his Equilibrium album and his cover of Prince’s Purple Rain was superb.

A great night all round!

Martin Hudson
Classic Rock Society

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