GuitarMasterClass Competition

Posted on: Wednesday, Dec 29, 2010

GMC_300_250 has teamed up with to offer one reader the chance to win a free six month subscription to the guitar learning website.

Nowadays self music education is much faster, more available and more fun thanks to possibilities of online music education.

Modern internet education is either live (video), through chat or even special mentoring programs, conducted by  experienced instructors who are devoted to creating blues guitar lessons mostly out of their love and affinity towards this root music genre.  Distance between such instructors and their students in online education at GMC is almost erased so students can build their music aspirations freely with constant and immediate support of their instructors.  Students are being led by famous or less famous but not less professional guitar instructors until they gain the skills on their instrument.  A great number of GMC guitar instructors love and appreciate blues as a true deep root of many modern music genres.  If you’re looking for quality guitar lessons and instructors in a form of online environment – check out for online guitar lessons. There you’ll find acoustic blues, modern blues, delta blues, country blues, texas blues lessons and many more covering styles of SRV, BB King, Eric Clapton, Gary Moore and others. It’s a great way to get some blues guitar chops. It’s only then when you will feel how really deep the blues is.

For a chance of winning a six month subscription to the site take a look at the picture below and tell me what type of guitar is shown.

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