Gig: Supercharge weekend in Liverpool and Chester – 21 and 23 Jan 2011

Posted on: Tuesday, Jan 4, 2011

ALBIE DONNELLY, Liverpool- born singer/saxophonist and bandleader formed the now legendary band SUPERCHARGE in 1973 . The band’s blend of R ‘n B and Funk plus their wild on- (and off!) stage-show made them a sensation on the British 70s live- club scene and they have now toured successfully for over 30 years including playing in front of 100,000 in Hyde Park. Albie’s soulful voice and unique horn-sound attest to his R ‘n B. roots and his being steeped in the music of the all-time greats.

Quote from B. B. King: “SUPERCHARGE is Europe’s finest Rhythm ‘n Blues Band.”

  • Liverpool Marina – Fri 21 Jan – £12
  • Alexander’s Chester – Sun 23 Jan – £10

call Vinny on 07950 012 994 to reserve a ticket or pay on the door



January 4th, 2011 at 15:34
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Please note the error in the first version of this post.

The Liverpool gig is Friday 21 Jan not the Sat as posted.

I will correct the error ASAP.



January 4th, 2011 at 19:17
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Main post is now correct.