Paul Thorn Live on Pay Per View TONIGHT

Posted on: Saturday, Jan 29, 2011

Paul Thorn was one of my highlights from last year’s King Biscuit Festival in Helena, Arkansas; his CD Pimps and Preachers was also very highly rated by me and others.

Tonight at 8pm Central Time (that’s 2am UK) Paul will be performing live at the legendary Mussel Shoals in Alabama

The show will be available pay per view and live streamed across the world.  It will be a five camera shoot with a dedicated engineer for internet audio and first class lighting and production.

They are offering this event for $6.99, and it will be archived for viewers for one month in case their house catches fire and they miss the live broadcast.

Check out this link for more information


Pete Evans

January 29th, 2011 at 16:54
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Agree with Ken – he was absolutely superb. I suggest you check the many Youtube clips – Pimps and Preachers, Long Way to Tupelo. Joanie the Jehovah’s Witness Stripper and Viagra – all brilliant.