The Bone in Dallas, Texas – late 1990s

Posted on: Saturday, Feb 5, 2011

My first trip to the US was in 1998 and was a blues trip.  I spent some time in Dallas and Fort Worth, hanging out with the blues cats there.  I have vivid memories of all the the great places that we went and the fabulous musicians from that area.  Grahame Rhodes recently stumbled across a video taken on the roof of a bar called The Bone in Deep Ellum, Dallas.  That was one of the bars in which I jammed as part of the legendary Tuesday night jam nights held there.

Here is a clip of a jam night from summer 1999, just a few months after I was there.

From my archive, I dug up these pics from 1998.  It was great to be up on the roof with the skyscrapers of the Dallas in the background watching the great blues and checking out the tall beautiful Texas girls on the street below.  What a year!






Pete Evans

February 6th, 2011 at 09:07
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and I really believed you when you said you were much slimmer when you were in your 30s…