Review: Tas Cru – Jus’ Desserts

Posted on: Monday, Feb 21, 2011

Tas Cru CD Cover

“Jus’ Desserts”
(Crustee Tees Records)

This album by the singer/songwriter/guitarist from upstate New York comprises eleven original compositions, all composed by Tas Cru – one of them in collaboration with keyboard player Chris Lamson. In addition to Lamson, Cru’s band includes Andy Hearn on drums and Mike Lawrence on bass. Jeremy Walz plays slide guitar on three tracks and lead guitar on two.

The compilation opens with “Just Let It Happen”, a homespun homily on how to relax, followed by the medium-paced shuffle, “Glad To Be Alive”. “The Real Deal” boasts an active bass line and a helping of harp from the multi-talented Tas Cru while “Time And Time” is a gentle slow blues, which is in complete contrast with “Dat Maybe”, a hot-paced rockabilly number.

As their titles suggest, “My GPS Mama” and “Eau De ‘Nother Man” exemplify Cru’s trademark humour. Then the fast-moving boogie “Kinda Mess” delivers some splendid slide guitar and harp and the equally vibrant “Swing Doctor” benefits from some lovely rippling piano. On “Jus’ Dessert”, guest accordionist Sue Grimm adds just a hint of Zydeco before the final offering, “The Lucky Ones”, completes the circle by returning to the philosophical reflections of the opening track.

The overriding impression arising from a Tas Cru album is of enjoyment. It delivers an unaggressive variety of blues music, which gets the feet tapping and the face smiling. And that’s got to be welcome at this time of austerity.

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Lionel Ross

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