Gig: March events at Pacific Road, Birkenhead

Posted on: Sunday, Mar 6, 2011

King Pleasure & The Biscuit Boys – 11 Mar 2011

Acknowledged as one of the finest live bands in the country, King Please & The Biscuit Boys have appeared with their full-throttle swinging music at every major jazz festival delighting audiences along the way. A night not to be missed!

The Hamsters – 19 Mar 2011

The Hamsters play Hendrix, ZZ Top & The Hamsters!

The Hamsters have been voted one of the UK’s best unsigned bands by Kerrang magazine. (We already have a record deal, but it’s a nice compliment, innit?) Even BBC’s Top Gear magazine recognises the band as the UK’s hardest working, and featured them in an article on in-car entertainment, the Hamsters being the ideal people to ask as they’re always travelling somewhere.

Although primarily performing their own brand of material, they are widely regarded as leading interpreters of the music of Jimi Hendrix and more recently ZZ Top.



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