Review: Peter Price – Warrington Pyramid – 25 Feb 2011

Posted on: Thursday, Mar 24, 2011

Its a long time since I was in Warrington Pyramid Theatre, this visit was made really special as we had a home grown artist performing. Peter Price is probably one of the finest guitarist around, so it was a real treat to have him appear in Warrington.

He opened the first set with a brilliant rendition of Rambling On My Mind, by Robert Johnson. Quickly followed by  Love In Vain another Johnson number. Then to show his versatility he treated the audience to a Brazilian dance number called Maxixe. In between numbers Pete regaled us with stories and antidotes from his travels and his music roots. Changing the pace to a Tampa Red number Boogie Woogie  Dance, following this by an Irish pipe medley. played on his vintage guitar, Fantastic.  Finishing the first set with Big Bill Broonzy, When Did You Leave Heaven.

After a short interval Pete returned with Baton Rogue Rag, and again to show off his versatility he then surprised us all with a Tom Waits number I Hope That I didn’t Fall In Love With You. Then he played a Bob Dylan number, great mix.  Peter then introduced his guests for the evening Johnny Hewitt on harp  and Russ Williams on double bass.  There first number was Cherry Ball by Mance Lipscomb which was very well received by the capacity  audience.  Both musicians showing off their musical talent.

When we thought things couldn’t get any better from the back of the audience came  the sound of New Orleans played on a trumpet by Jed Fox. This was quickly followed by another Tom Waits number Shiver Me Timbers. Pete continued the rest of his excellent set with the band playing along. He gave the band ample opportunity to show off there  individual talents.  The  evening finished off with Goodnight Irene with plenty of audience participation. Then as a rousing encore he got the audience involved in John Hardy.

We look forward to seeing Pete and this calibre of music in the Pyramid in the very near future.




March 24th, 2011 at 08:14
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Nice one Ray . . . you’ve done it now though, ‘outed’ yourself as a reviewer!!