Review: Girls with Guitars

Posted on: Thursday, Apr 14, 2011

Girls With Guitars

Ruf 1166

I have always been a huge supporter of woman in the blues. So it was a great pleasure when I was asked to review this CD.

I have been a Danni Wilde fan since she played at Warrington Blues Club. I had heard of Cassie Taylor before from her father’s CDs, but I had never heard of Samantha Fish, she was a complete new name to me.

The CD opens with a rocking version of The Stones “Witch” with all three girls performing brilliantly. A stand out track for me sung by Danni Wilde was “My Loving Man”. Definitely one of my favorites. Another great track “We Ain’t Gonna Get Out Alive” has a lot of Tony Joe White influences with some nice guitar work from Samantha Fish.

The album continued with track after track of excellent numbers.  Track 7 “Come On Home” has shades of Bonnie Rait and “Are You Ready” has a Fleetwood Mac feel. Finally track 12 has all the girls joining in for “Jet Airliner”. All in all a great balance of songs right the way through. But I must say that Danni Wilde stood out for her song writing and guitar playing.

I am definitely looking forward to seeing them perform live.


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