Gig: Snakewater – Wyre Blues – The Marine Hall, Fleetwood – 21 Apr 2011

Posted on: Sunday, Apr 17, 2011


Snakewater  – Wyre Blues at The Marine Hall, Fleetwood Thursday April 21st

If you’ve seen them before then you will know that they are all about live, full guns blazing rock & blues. If you are new to the band, then allow us to explain….

Snakewater are a Hard Rockin’ Blues three piece band based in and around Manchester in the North-West and what you get is a classic valve driven back line driven with all elements of Rock & Roll. Influences range from Gary Moore, Eric Clapton, Joe Bonamassa, Rory Gallagher, and Peter Green to Led Zeppelin, Cream, ACDC, and Free. Basically, that Old School of British Rock persuasion of the blues! The sound that emerges from the trio after they’ve settled behind their instruments is not the one you would imagine emerging on first sight – looking like the latest young indie band in town, the wall of solid blues that they throw out is quite startling.

Fronted by 24 year old, ‘Bobby Grant’, who’s gaining massive attention gig after gig with his aggressive yet appropriate guitar skills. Highly influenced by the likes Gary Moore & Eric Clapton, Bobby has found his own sound and style of playing, hoping to re-ignite that old school 60’s / 70’s British blues sound to a new generation. And with the new “Blues Boom” in Britain, this is the perfect time for Snakewater to arrive. His Stage set-up is very simple, basically a Les Paul / Strat plugged straight into amplification, and his fingers and mind do the rest. No massive rigs, or complicated pedal boards in sight!

It is also the gifted style of Snakewater’s drummer, 22 year old Ben Streets, which adds to their unique & fresh sound. Versatile as he is, Ben experiments with different styles which ad’s different musical dimensions to the bands sound. Often credited & compared to the likes of Stewart Copeland, Chris Tsagakis & Keith Moon, Ben is the back bone of the band.

Not forgetting the rock steady bass playing from 25year old Simon Oakes, which sets the stage & completes this new Breed of British Blues Band together.

Snakewater have been in the studio to record their official “Debut” album. Recorded & Produced by the Grammy Award Nominee, and god of all Rock producers “Chris Tsangarides” (Gary Moore, Thin Lizzy, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and Anvil!)

Snakewater play the kind of rock ‘n roll blues that British bands used to excel at: hard, driving, raw and from the heart. Echoes of the 60’s giants reverberate, with the added emotive tones of more modern bluesmen – the energy and vitality of youth rekindling the fires of British blues. A unique band who embrace their roots, and deliver the goods.

Door Price: £2.50

Time: 9.00pm.

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