Joe Sia photography

Posted on: Sunday, Apr 24, 2011

Born in the Bronx, Joe loved music. He gravitated around the Fillmore East and the flower-power youth-culture rock scene, setting out to capture some of the most incredible sounds of the last half-century. Scrambling with camera and film to stages throughout New York and the New England states, he documented thousands of performances, including some of the most iconic moments in rock. His images first made the cover of Rolling Stone in 1969 and his work has since graced the pages of books and periodicals worldwide and album covers from Clapton and Hendrix to Zappa. “The whole essence of the shot lies in being able to seize the passion of the music” explained Sia. “It’s not just about the guitar – it’s the performers face, it’s their music and it’s how they handle themselves on stage and the way they move around.”

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