Andres Roots Roundabout – Legacy Blues/Folk Club Blues

Posted on: Thursday, Apr 28, 2011

Andres Roots the highly regarded Estonian musician has a new CD single out.  Below is posted a little about the single in Andres’ own words.

Andres Roots Roundabout “Legacy Blues/Folk Club Blues”

Roots Art Records CD single RAR1101

1) Legacy Blues (Roots) 05:24

Andres Roots – slide guitar; Martin Eessalu – rhythm guitar; Indrek Tiisel – harmonica.

2) Folk Club Blues (Roots) 06:34

Andres Roots – slide & rhythm guitar; Martin Eessalu – rhythm & slide guitar; Indrek Tiisel – harmonica.

Recorded live @ Folgiklubi FolgiKesKus/Rockstar’s in Tallinn, Estonia on November 17th, 2010. Mastered by Asko-Romé Altsoo @ White Room in Tartu, Estonia.

On one hand, these tracks are among the most traditional blues I’ve ever put out. On the other hand, they represent the alt.blues ethic taken to the extreme: not only were these songs recorded live in one take, unrehearsed & unedited, they were performed by a band that had only just met backstage & had never played together before.

The way it came about was that I’d been asked to give a talk on blues history on the night my album was released, & I in turn had invited two friends to come along & help me out with the musical interludes. I remember thinking “Wow!” when I first saw Indrek Tiisel play his harmonica some time towards the end of the last century; we’d finally met in August 2010. & a couple of years ago, Martin Eessalu was one of my guitar students – then he went & actually studied all the stuff I’m always pointing out to people but have always been too lazy to learn myself…

Anyway, soon after this gig Kalle Kindel joined on drums – with him, I’ve played together off & on for 13 years. Still, the birth of the Andres Roots Roundabout is documented on this very single, with music as raw & unpolished as the recording itself. Yet, there’s something captured here that I fear we may never be able to recreate in a studio – but we’ll certainly keep trying!

Andres Roots,

March 12th, 2011

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