Blues Gig Guide on BBC Radio Lancashire

Posted on: Sunday, Jun 26, 2011

Phil Marsland will be doing the local gig guide on BBC Radio Lancashire and will happily publicise bluesy events in the region.  Here’s what Phil says….

I need your help with this one and I’ll then be able to help you. I’ve been asked to compile a gig guide that will then be broadcast on a Friday night within a show from BBC Radio Lancashire.

I need gig info from blues/blues rock bands either covers or original blues/blues rock, it doesn’t matter which. I’m sorry but please don’t contact me if you are a rock/classic rock or any other style of music, it really needs to be blues/blues rock.

The show that goes out is broadcast over the Lancashire area and also goes out over the internet as well so you’ll get some really good publicity about gigs. Even if you’re not playing in the Lancashire area, still let me know about your gigs and I’ll see what we can broadcast.

I’ll need the following information

The band’s name (obviously!)

Date and time of the gig

Venue details – name of venue, address, contact details

If the gig is free or ticketed, where to get tickets.

Any other information that might be helpful or you want to get out there.

The other thing we are trying to do is perhaps get local bands (and when I say local, I’m talking about blues/blues rock bands in the Greater Manchester area) on air play, so if you have a well recorded demo CD then I’d like to have a copy of it and if it’s good enough it’ll get air play and you could get an invite into the studio for an interview and to talk about your band.

So there you have it, it’s over to you. Message me on , if you have a CD, mention this and I’ll message you back with the address of where to send the CD.

Get in touch and thanks for your help with this

Phil Marsland

No excuses! BBC Radio Lancashire covers all the way down to Chester so get those gigs in and let Phil help you.

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