Gigs for Rick Lacey

Posted on: Tuesday, Jul 12, 2011

Great to see that Rick Lacey is keeping busy on the drum stool of a number of outfits with upcoming shows.

16/7/2011 Dr Truth at Get Rompered

  • Tickets £10

20/7/2011 Dr Truth The Welcome Inn Whitefield

21/7/2011 Rick Lacey’s Blues Band Alexanders Chester

22/7/2011 Dr Truth Barrow R&B Club

23/7/2011 Dr Truth Band On the Wall

28/7/2011 The Boozie Woozie band he Top Lock Wheelton

29/7/2011 Dr Truth Maryport Festival Netherhall Rugby Club

30/7/2011 Dr Truth Maryport Festival The Lifeboat Club

31/7/2011 Dr Truth Maryport Festival The Labour Club

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