Gig: Triple Header rock gig in Chester – 20 Jul 2011

Posted on: Friday, Jul 15, 2011

There is a gig that will be happening on Wed 20th July at the Laugh Inn, Station Rd, Chester.
It’s more of a rock gig than a strictly blues gig, but there is a strong blues influence running through most of the music.

Three bands for £3 (outrageously good value for what’s on offer)

Red Elektra ’69 (not well known but would be well received at any biker festival worldwide; and have played a couple already)

Lord Scotland they DO have a couple of Blues numbers!!!
“we like to think we are original… we tend to remind people of anything from Nick Cave to ZZ Top to Led Zep….and others”
Live Cd on iTunes and Spotify

Exile Parade (from Warrington) are by far the most high-profile  of the three bands, having played festivals all over Europe and even in China and having had their songs used on TV and Film…great rock band…probably famous soon!
here’s their website and a link to their song
“Fire Walk With Me” (used on “Skins” Series 1)

I know that this is slightly outside the normal scope of the site but I do have a slight Chester bias – home town and all that

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