Rick Payne releases charity CD

Posted on: Saturday, Jul 30, 2011

Rick Payne feels he’s been earning a living from the work of the early Blues guys, many of whom were blind, and he wants to give something back. To this end he’s recorded an album of songs [with radio related lyrics] and will be giving a percentage from the sales to British Wireless For The Blind.

Radio City Blues

New album by Rick Payne, Folk and Blues festival headliner, provider of music to BBC TV and sell out guitar tutor.
Peter Finger, Acoustic Music Records, says;

Very nice album – congratulations. Rick’s music is fun to listen to. He plays the music that I grew up with and all the country blues and folk influences sound familiar to me. However, his songs are so fresh and positive that I can’t stop to press the repeat button. Wonderful!

Roy Bookbinder – USA Bluesman listed in the Guinness Who’s Who Of Blues and the Penguin Guide To Blues says –

‘Enjoying the tunes! Nice take on some old themes, solid playing and heartfelt singing’.

Official biographer to Peter Green and writer of cover notes for Peter Green, John Mayall, Dr. John etc. ‘Jet’ Martin Celmins has written the cover notes for this album. He says

… the album’s overall groove brings to mind that neat motto of the influential 1970s Blues indie label founded by Stefan Grossman and Eugene Denson – Kicking mule Records : “ It’s easy to be easy when you’re easy” For instance, on finger style gems such as Transmit, Open Skies and It’s Alright, Rick perfectly revives that lilting, delicate – almost hypnotic – alternating bass rural Blues rhythm that was the calling card of Mississippi John Hurt and the Reverend Robert Wilkins in particular. But – as any student of country Blues guitar will attest – it’s actually very, very hard rhythmically to be that easy and yet keep your playing together and, crucially, make it swing; much in demand guitar tutor Rick has it nailed.

To listen to tracks – www.rickpayne.co.uk and follow the link ‘New CD Radio City Blues…’

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