YouTube: Honeyboy Edwards

Posted on: Friday, Sep 2, 2011

Bob Corritore’s newsletter this week focuses on Honeyboy Edwards.  Bob kindly posted some links to videos that I repost here.


Pete Evans

September 2nd, 2011 at 07:18
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The last clip is from the brilliant dvd “Honeboy” which covers his amazing life. I strongly recommend it to anyone who really wants to learn about what life was like for the old Delta bluesmen along with his excellent autobiography “The World Don’t Owe Me Nothing”.
A gang of us were fortunate to be invited to his 90th birthday in a Chicago arts centre in 2005 during the Chicago Blues festival. Ian Ross from the Darlington RnB Club had arranged it for us via Michael Frank (Honeyboy’s manager) who then took us around some of the southside blues clubs – a very memorable night.
Honeyboy was a lovely man and will be sadly missed.