Review: Tipitina – BJ’S Blues Club, Hop Pocket, Chorley – 25 Aug 2011

Posted on: Thursday, Sep 22, 2011

Tipitina At BJ’S Blues Club

The Hop Pocket, Chorley,
25 Aug 2011.

Tipitina came to town and wowed the packed crowd at BJ’s Blues Club.

Debbie Jones has a silky, soulful voice which is ideal for this genre of the blues.  If you shut your eyes you are transported back in time to New Orleans, a smoke filled bar or an intimate dance hall of the late 20s ‘ or 30s.  The atmosphere electric, and expectations high.

This band has gathered a steady reputation and has just completed a short tour of Spain; on their return they gigged at Ronnie Scott’s Club, London, as well as playing all over the country.  It’s non stop for this excellent band.

Their first C. D. cut in 2007 entitled ” I Wish I was in New Orleans” gave us a flavour of this classic music, which now and again rises to the surface and never goes completely away; ” Ain’t Misbehavin’ “Hit The Road Jack” are instantly recognisable.

Their second C.D. is out soon, entitled ”Taking Care of Business”, again a collaboration with Big Bear music.  Here we have original works by Debbie,and Justin entitled ” You Me and the Keys”and two more songs from Debbie”You Are A Blessing” and the title track “Taking Care of Business”.

Debbie Jones and Justin Randall alias Spider Fingers are the core of the band but they do have an arsenal of very professional musicians ready and willing to back them, this performance was no exception.  Veteran drummer John Hicks, Andrew Dalton on percussion ,Andrew Jones on guitar and lastly on double bass Pat Flood.

This very talented duo in Debbie and Justin could just be the next rising stars in this popular form of New Orleans music .

Keith Blackledge

Music Reviewer Northwest

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