Review: Krissy Matthews – Hit The Rock

Posted on: Tuesday, Sep 27, 2011

“Hit The Rock”
India/Big Lake Music (Rough Trade)

It was great to receive this CD to review as we have heard great things about Krissy from Philip Guy Davies who runs ‘Monday Night Blues, at The Bullingdon in Oxford.  So I was really looking forward to sitting down with a cup of coffee and playing this CD.

The 13 track CD has some very strong numbers, the CD opens with a great rocker  which lends itself to a Thin Lizzy style. For someone of such a young age this kid is a very talented songwriter as the majority of the songs will testify to. Their are several great cover versions on the album. Krissy’s soulful version of The Rolling Stones “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”, and also “Mystery Train”.

One of the more outstanding tracks for me was track six, “When Times Were Hard”, which to me had a very strong Ian Siegal influence, which from my point of view is a good thing.

Of all the young guitar slingers that are around Krissy has got to be up there with the best. Really enjoyed this album and I am really looking forward to seeing him live. Well done Krissy!


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