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Posted on: Thursday, Sep 29, 2011

“Jon Amor Blues Group”
(SixSixRecords – SSR001)

The eagerly-awaited self-titled debut from the Jon Amor Blues Group is now with us, and as ever this most talented guitarist, singer and writer has delivered the goods . . . 10 original band compositions, with the rest of the group namely Dave Doherty (guitar and backing vocals), Chris Doherty (bass) and Simon Small (drums and percussion) . . .all recorded in a mere eight days at Goodmerry Farm Studio in Cornwall, in late June and early July of this year.

We were treated to a preview of some of the songs live and also on a free download ep, and three of the four are here in a re-recorded form. Jon Amor and the band draw on some classic blues influences but marry it to a modern, groove laden style, kicking off with the thunderous guitar onslaught that leads into the rousing “Holy Water”; the great “Juggernaut” seems poised to become a live favourite . . . the song riding on another great riff and the powerful drums of Simon Small.

The pace is taken up for the strutting blues of “Make It Your Trouble”, maybe with shades of the chestnut “I Want To Be Loved”, which The Hoax once covered with Jon in the ranks, here the new song is delivered with an absolutely blistering guitar solo. The slow blues of “Repeat Offender” also hails from the download ep and featured in the band’s live shows prior to the album, and it is another thoroughly convincing performance from the guys.

The rocking “Sweetheart” is full of more trademark guitar hooks and fine vocal from Jon Amor; leading into the riff-heavy “Angel In A Black Dress” and the superb “The Underdogs” which again roars out of the traps. The lengthiest track, weighing in at 6:32 is the epic slow blues of “When The Time Comes” . . . complete with plenty of Jon’s superb guitar work and fine support from the brothers Doherty and Simon Small.

“She Thought I Was An Eagle” is another breakneck bluesy rocker which rattles along, and this excellent band debut release closes with the classy “You Know It’s Only Love”, with Amor’s vocal riding on the guitar hook. A fine debut indeed from the band, which was produced by them, and recorded, mixed and mastered by Dave Doherty . . . a fresh, modern and enjoyable album . . . highly recommended!


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