Review: Jimmie Vaughan – Plays More Blues, Ballads and Favorites

Posted on: Wednesday, Oct 12, 2011

JIMMIE VAUGHAN  “Plays More Blues, Ballads and Favorites”
(Proper Records PRPCD083)

Hot on the heels of last year’s well received Jimmie Vaughan Plays Blues Ballads and Favorites comes – with effortless logic – Jimmie Vaughan Plays More Blues Ballads and Favorites, another veritable jukebox-style collection of 16 classic R&B and blues covers.
The two albums even have almost the same cover shot with Vaughan black-garbed Strat at the ready, the difference this time is the addition of the slim figure of Lou Ann Barton standing by ready to add her powerful yet restrained vocal touch to several of the cuts.
In truth the vintage-style sleeve should be stretched enough to hold a vinyl album as the ’50s feel is reflected throughout the set, a soulful R&B feel with appropriate underlying horns and upright bass.
Vaughan has a real blast from opener Webb Pierce’s “I Ain’t Never” to the finale, the duet’s live version of Faye Adams’ “Shake A Hand” – Lou Ann in show-stealing form.   There’s plenty of mood-filled backing, lazy steamy sax soaks “Teardop Blues” and growls through “Oh Oh Oh”.   Vaughan’s guitar work is held in check sometimes but when he burns through of course you sit up and take notice as on his trip down to New Orleans via Annie Laurie’s “It’s Been A Long Time”  and on the upbeat “I’m A Love You” where he rolls into a perfect groove. There’s even a Hank Williams cover, “I Hang My Head And Cry”.
This is an album which is thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish and you can’t say fairer than that – but I’m surely not alone in hoping that Vaughan can stray out of his effortlessly cool comfort zone next time round and liven things up a bit..




October 12th, 2011 at 19:25
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Great review from John . . . I agree about his closing comments entirely. I’m sure Jimmie could brilliantly knock these vintage covers off in his sleep! Would be nice to see a ‘killer’ album of new tunes!