Review: Junkhouse Dog – True Blues – 30 Sep 2011

Posted on: Tuesday, Oct 18, 2011


WA12 9LW.

It was my pleasure to be invited as a guest of Graham and Steve,  to the True Blues Club, which has been up and running for about two years.

Two exciting bands were on the bill, from the Warrington area we had CROSSFIRE and from the Manchester area,  we had

Crossfire are a band that has risen from the ashes of other bands and have been together now for quite some time playing the blues.
Crossfire’s own original works were on show .

An album made in 2008 entitled, “JUST THE TRICK” went down well with an  appreciative audience,  and is still available through the bands web site.  Steve Nunn on lead vocal and bass guitar, navigated us through a sea of classic blues numbers that we all know and love to hear.  On guitar was Dave knight,   he was out standing a true blues man,  also on guitar was by Brian Filson,  these two exceptional guitarists shared the lead through out the show, stunning play.  Neil Scallion,  on keyboards gave the band a edge and was the thread  of the band .  On the drums Jon Lowe,  he is a blues drummer a driving force that kept the band together.
Steve Nunn and Brian Filson’s title track, ” JUST THE TRICK”, followed by Steve’s “I’LL NEVER LEARN” and Brian’s , “SHE DON’T GIVE ME WHAT I NEED”  are quality tracks that would hold their own in any blues collection,  just fantastic.

JUNKHOUSEDOG ,  took to the stage,  they have not lost any of their bite and unleashed themselves on to the packed crowd.
Luke Shaw on blues harp and lead vocal was tremendous he must have lungs made of the finest leather,  he never stopped , and with his banter,   he was every inch a blues front man.  On guitar was Nick Elsby,  born to play the blues ,  his delivery was punk like but a true blues guitarist ,  his slide work was excellent too.

Martin Cox on electric double bass ,  his energy was non- stop,  and he could play ,  his fingers were a blur.  Chris Taylor, on the drums and delivered a strong and precise tempo, a good job indeed.

If you didn’t attend the blues evening you lost out.

Lee George the BRUNSWICK ” Battle of the Bands ” regional organizer was present,   and has chosen this venue  for one of the
rounds of the competition,  that is great news for the True blues Club.

Keith Blackledge

Music Reviewer for the Northwest.

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