Review: Cold Flame – BJ’s Blues at Hop Pocket, Chorley – 06 Oct 2011

Posted on: Saturday, Oct 22, 2011



This band was formed in 1984 to perform original rock and blues music directly influenced by the blues music scene of the late 1960′ and early 70’s. Pat Rowbottom the band’s founder and front man, has over the past 27 years seen his band evolve and develop and now they perform many different musical genres whilst still sticking to their blues roots.

The band very effectively splits into two, an acoustic version, which plays anything from English country to Celtic ballads to foot stomping folk rock, jigs, and reels, yes a heady cocktail of musical influences displayed led by guitars and violins.

On the other hand the blues band keeping close to its roots has many excellent musicians on call, depending on availability and region. One such musician is flautist Mark Parkinson from Chorley. His rendition of the Jethro Tull’s hits, “BOUREE” and” LIVING IN THE PAST”, a refreshing change from the normal blues make up. Incidentally the band performs a Jethro Tull tribute show when required.  The bands blues hero’s are many and include Free, Bad Company, Whitesnake, Cream, Peter Green’s, Fleetwood Mac Rory Gallagher, Hendrix, Zeppelin and of course Jethro Tull.

The bands began recording original material back in  1991, with “Tinker, Tailor, Worker, Whaler and have recorded and released  several studio and live albums since then. At BJ’s Blues Club Cold Flame showcased several of their original compositions such as   “End of The Line” , off their , “Still Burning The Blues” album from 2002, “Blues 4 The Fat Cat”, off their “The Seven Seas” album in 2003, and, ” Still Need You By My Side” off their “Still Burning the Blues” VOL 2, cut in 2006.

The bands last three albums give a flavour of the diversity of the bands abilities, ” In Arms of the September Sun” cut in 2009,and two acoustic albums , “Cold Flame -Acoustic , and “Cold Flame- The Acoustic Collection, cut in 2009 and 2011 respectively.

As you can tell this band has a variety of talent, and its dedication to the blues is paramount.
The band debuting on the night, were Pat Rowbottom on bass guitar and vocal, Robert Barnes on lead guitar and vocal,Phil Marke on drums , and Mark Parkinson on flute, a sensational show from these musicians.
All the bands original work is still available through their web site,

Keith Blackledge

Music Reviewer for the Northwest.

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