Gig: Sinnerboy – The Cavern, Liverpool – 12 Nov 2011

Posted on: Tuesday, Oct 25, 2011

British Rory Gallagher Tribute Concert 2011

The Cavern Liverpool – 12 Nov 2011

I’ll let Barry do this in his own words…..

Hi everybody I hope you are all well – and well into Rory!!

Can it really be sixteen years since our hero died? I remember the day so well, I was reading the morning paper on the bus, on my way to work and I just turned the page over and there was this half page photo of Rory, and it was a broadsheet (the Guardian) so the photograph was huge and it nearly stopped my heart. You know if there’s a picture like that, in a newspaper like that it can only mean one thing, and your brain reacts faster than your eyes can read. It was like being punched in the stomach, an experience I’ll never forget, nor will I want to.

I’m sure you have your own stories of how you felt that day, but not all of you, I meet so many people who have only got into Rory since he died and, through the magic of Youtube (surely man’s greatest creation!) become as ardent as the rest of us old-timers!

Can it also be so long since the first British Rory Tribute Concert? In 1996 we were hosting it at the ‘Pomona’ a small pub in Manchester – and now we rock for Rory at the world famous CAVERN CLUB! (I think he’d approve don’t you?)

This year is set to be no less exciting and interesting as ever – first up is Liverpool’s own ‘Top Priority’ starring Jamie Clague, a young man who can only have been in nappies when Rory died, to me this is the most exciting aspect of the tribute scene – passing the baton to young bucks like Jamie….

Not that I’m ready to hand up my Stratocaster yet – next up is the third and latest incarnation of ‘Sinnerboy’. At one point earlier this year I was despairing of being able to find adequate replacements after the guys quit the band, but an email out of the blue from Nick Skelson (bass) and Jonny Brutal (drums) changed all that and now we’re rehearsing furiously for our first gigs in Ireland in October and then the Cavern! (Be gentle with us!)
Nick is a mad Rory (and Gerry) fan, he really nails the tone and, can you believe it, he’s spent the last ten years wanting to play in Sinnerboy!!
When Mr and Mrs Brutal of the Wirral brought Jonny into the world little did they know the little cherub would turn into a monster – but only a monster drummer – Jonny is as nice a guy as you could meet, just don’t stand near him if he has sticks in his hand!

I have never seen ‘Against the Grain’ perform but have invited them to Liverpool on the rave reviews I’ve had from Rory fans everywhere, I was sick to my stomach when circumstances led me to cancel last year’s gig, and I’d invited them to play so I’m pleased to be able to finally bring Douglas Carroll and his men to the Cavern – they’re sure to impress!!

Last act up has got me in it again – sorry about that but I invited these boys before I put the new ‘Sinnerboy’ together.
I’ve long had an urge to try some Rory stuff with a bigger band, so we could play the guitar parts that Rory overdubbed on albums, it needs the absolute best musicians on the scene and they don’t come better than Danny Vlaspoel (lead guitar) Jan Sperhake (piano) Jouke Wouda (bass) Maarten Witsel (drums) and Paul Westwell (harmonica) and myself on rhythm guitar and vocals. I’m sure however that all good intentions of controlled and precise music will fly out of the Cavern window when I get these lads fired up at the end – because they can all rock!! (Well the Cavern doesn’t have a window but you know what I mean!)
Date is Saturday the 12th November, Tickets are £15.00 plus a booking fee and are available from (Type Rory Gallagher in the search box)

Both easyjet and Ryanair fly into Liverpool John Lennon airport and are really cheap in November so no excuse for all you foreign types!

Look at that last statement again “Liverpool John Lennon Airport” you can sign a petition to have Cork airport renamed “Rory Gallagher Airport” how cool would that be?

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