Review: Tipitina – BJs Blues Club at The Hop Pocket, Chorley

Posted on: Tuesday, Mar 6, 2012

The band that go by the name of Tipitina are the delightful Debbie Jones, on lead vocal and guitar, and Justin Randall a master at the keyboard  – they are just a brilliant musicians.
They are responsible for reintroducing the New Orleans sound , a combination of  blues/jazz/and a hint of gospel.
Back in time,  if you can imagine a bar somewhere in New Orleans, a warm night, with a light breeze, and the sound of a singer and a band,  playing their soulful ‘blues jazz’ it could have been a band like,  Tipitina.
This ‘solid gold ‘ partnership have played their brand of the blues  nationally and internationally for a few years now  and are firm favourites to be the next ‘big name’ to emerge from this genre of the Blues.
Having played at Ronnie Scott’s Club in London,  and toured parts of Europe, with their hypnotic songs, they have a bit of a following to say the least.
Their first cd entitled,  ‘I Wish I Was In New Orleans’, in 2008  did rather well I’m told, so much so that at  the back end of last year (2011) they went on to release their second cd, entitled ‘Taking Care Of Business’.
The band’s stage act is a blend of classic covers  like,  ‘Hit The Road Jack’ , ‘Blueberry Hill,  ‘Sway’, ‘It Don’t Mean A Thing’,   along with their original works.
Surrounding Debbie,  and Justin,  are a pool of  dedicated musicians , who are at hand to back them, any place,  any time,  anywhere.
Veteran drummer John Hicks has  a wealth of experience in all forms of musical rhythms,  and gave a solid performance,  a true professional.
Adding a Latin flavour to the band was percussionist, Andrew Dalton, exceptional work from this man,  a great feel , the spirit of the blues.
Making his debut for us on electric double bass was,  Matt Owen, a brilliant bassist,  with a great jazz style, superb.
Every time I listen to Tipitina  I leave the gig with a smile on my face and a warm feeling inside, that cant be bad can it?

Keith Blackledge Music Reviewer  for the Northwest.

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