Review: Mitch Laddie – Burning Bridges

Posted on: Friday, Mar 9, 2012

Mitch Laddie Burning Bridges CD Cover

“Burning Bridges”
(Mystic Records MYSCD206)

Mitch Laddie is a 21-year old singer/guitarist/songwriter from the North East of England. On Burning Bridges, he is backed by Rhian Wilkinson on bass and Lee Clifford on drums and percussion. The album contains eleven tracks, all written by Mitch Laddie.

The cover notes to the album are written by Walter Trout, who warmly expresses his admiration of Mitch Laddie’s talent including the following tributes: “I first met Mitch Laddie when he was a young lad of sixteen years. I heard him play his guitar and was knocked out by the authority, command and finesse he displayed. It was beyond his years – he sounded like somebody who’d been at it for forty years! Trout goes on to praise Laddie’s considerable development and declares, “He possesses a potent, god-given gift. I believe that Mitch represents the finest of the new generation of guitar slingers/performers!”

The album demonstrates Mitch Laddie’s command of a range of guitar styles, starting with the steady rocking “Time Is Running Away”, complete with an overriding catchy guitar riff, and “Paper In Your Pocket”, which exudes a distinctively Hoax feel with a driving bass line and a blistering guitar solo. “Take A Bite” and “Would You?” deliver Sting-like vocals, while the latter and “What Are You Living For?” provide a lighter, funky-edged ambience, expertly underpinned by the impressively tight rhythm section.

“Changing Tides And Burning Bridges” is a jazzy, acoustic instrumental before “Gone” suggests further shades of The Police and features another brilliantly executed guitar solo. “Gettin’ It Right” and “Inner City Blues”, a couple of funky rockers, are followed by “Give You The World”, a sensitive ballad, and the closing track, “Mr Johnson Revisited”, a beautifully played, mellow instrumental.

There are currently many fine, young, blues-oriented guitarists in the UK but Mitch Laddie offers something different from many of his peers in that he very comfortably mixes vibrant blues-rock with gentler, more lyrical compositions. He is most definitely a force to be reckoned with and we can look forward to his increasing presence on the British blues scene. The considerable skill of Rhian Wilkinson and Lee Clifford in his engine room also deserves full acknowledgement.

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