Review: The Midnite Johnny Band – True Blues Club at Earlestown

Posted on: Friday, Apr 20, 2012

Friday, 13th April, 2012

This fantastic venue at Earlestown is without doubt one of the most sophisticated of its type, bar none, and attracts many a top notch band to entertain its faithful audience. I was privileged to be in that club to witness a remarkable set of musicians by the name of The Midnite Johnny Band and I have to say they were awesome.

This band from the Bolton area have been together now for just over one year.  I first saw them back in 2011 and they were just brilliant, and nothing has changed except they might have got even better if that’s possible. John Morana, alias Midnite Johnny, was born in the Bronx, New York, U S A, then moved later to Florida with family and now resides over here in the North West of England.

John’s astounding guitar playing captured the crowd and they were instantly hooked, he has that ability and takes you through every note, and can make that guitar talk, cry, scream, and weep. John takes the best of the guitar greats from both sides of the Atlantic and then puts his own rubber stamp on it, which results in an amazing all round band performance. John as well as being a great and cool guitarist has written songs for the band’s albums –  is their no end to this man’s talents I hear you say.

John’s band are, on keys and electric piano Ian Cross – superb player and commands people to listen to his style of play and I was spellbound. This band has a very strong rhythm section, the spine of this band, on drums, Tim Franks – he has a wealth of experience a drummer of some repute and is competent in all the different styles and played out of his skin no pun intended. On a soul-searching funky, ‘in your face’ bass guitar is a brilliant musician who goes by the name of Norman Helm, and he is not too shabby as a backing vocalist to John.

If you weren’t there then you missed a brilliant gig, a brilliant live performance from a great hard working band. I have no doubt that this band will be back entertaining us all soon a treat in store.

Keith Blackledge Independent Music Reviewer for the North West.

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