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Posted on: Tuesday, Apr 24, 2012


miXendorp – Black & Tan Edits

(Digital download only)

Here’s a new release from Black & Tan records boss, Jan Mittendorp, wearing his miXendorp ‘hat’ . . . . he introduces it by saying, “The blues used to be party music; now it can be played again at the hippest modern parties, festivals and clubs . . . . and still feel down home.

Following on from last years “Blues + Beat”, this digital only release contains a further 18 edits and remixes from tracks that originally were released on Back & Tan over the last 14 years.

Stalwarts from the roster are all here, from Big George Jackson to Boo Boo Davis and Doug McLeod, to newer acts such as Turnip Greens. I like it, but know this sort of thing is often shunned by the purists . . . to me this is an evolution and progression of the blues and if it attracts the ear of a younger audience if can only be a good thing!


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Mississippi Big Beat – Delta Disco

(Digital download only)

If the title has not already deterred you, maybe a note that “Electro Nu-Blues” is the way this Hungarian outfit describes its style should be enough for any purists to move swiftly on. On this (perhaps appropriately) digital only release, there are big beat remixes, with loops, samples and other effects alongside, behind or in front of more traditional blues sounds.

Now I have to say that I personally don’t see this as the way for the blues to evolve; to my way of thinking this is blues for an audience brought up on raves and pounding dance music as it is now termed, but on the other hand, if the blues is going to reach this audience (much younger than the usual blues demographic), this is the way most likely to succeed – and the music has always absorbed contemporary elements.

It is different and in some ways refreshing, but I cannot help feeling that within a decade or maybe a lot less, it will sound incredibly dated!


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