Gig wanted: Smokehouse Boys

Posted on: Monday, May 21, 2012

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The excellent North East trio, Smokehouse Boys, have a gig at the Fylde Folk Festival in Fleetwood on Saturday, 1st September . . . but are looking for one on the following day, Sunday, 2nd September . . . in the Lancashire area, and preferably lunchtime/afternoon if possible.

Here’s a little about the band:

“From old time Delta through to Texas and Piedmont styles; The Smokehouse Boys pump out their own brand of powerhouse acoustic music. With a melange of boogies, ballads and low down blues from the likes of Frank Stokes, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, Pink Anderson, Robert Johnson and many more.”

Bill Sharp was the long-time front man and founding member (along with John Whitehill & Paul Lamb) of the legendary Blues Burglars, and is featured on the recent Indigo release “Whoopin”. After many years of touring the major venues across the UK and Europe, Bill decided to leave the Burglars and follow his first love, acoustic blues. Blessed with a deep rich voice, capable of tearing up the dirtiest of blues or caressing the sweetest of ballads, he sings with a passion and feel you can only be born with. Accompanying himself on National and Dobro guitars, his distinctive re-workings of classic songs proves him to be a fine interpreter of many blues styles.

After playing with Paul Lamb, Bill knew it would be hard to find a player of the calibre he had grown accustomed to: it came along in the shape of Lyndon Anderson. Not content with re-hashing the same old tired clich├ęs, he employs a vast array of tonal inflections and techniques and is one of the small group of player that uses overblows/overdraws to get full chromatic scale on the small diatonic. His playing is rich with melodic jazzy runs and emotional intensity. Equally a home on both the 10 hole diatonic or the larger 16 hole chromatic, he proves himself a true heavyweight of the harp.

You could write a book about Bob “Bare-Knuckle” Mojo Whirlwind Gales (yes that really is his name) but how much of it would pass the censors is hard to say. What is safe to say is that his rock solid, doghouse bass playing is an integral part of the Smokehouse Boys sound. The backbone of the band, his rhythmic playing anchors the whole sound down.

The Smokehouse Boys concentrate on crafting a sound that lets the power and story of the song shine through. They have built up a loyal following with their heartfelt playing, showmanship and humour. Having performed at many festivals, as well as hundreds of bars and clubs, they leave the audience in no doubt that they are one of the premier acoustic blues acts on the circuit today.

If you can help, and are interested, here are some contacts:


Phone: 0191 422 6587 or mobile 07912 115668 (Lyndon).

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